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We are very proud and happy about the fact that we arrange more and more of recycled, or in other ways, sustainable fabrics and trims for our clients. Yesterday we attended a very interesting seminar about how brands and companies in general must take act and be responsible in how they communicate sustainable products to their customers. The seminar was held by Swedish Konsumentverket (The Swedish Consumer Agency) and their legal experts presented facts, examples and advices. This turned out to be an area that is not very easy to navigate in and there are no exact regulations to follow, but two major advises were given at the seminar:

* Be very clear about what you refer to when you talk about sustainability. Is it your company, your product, your product´s fabric or what?
* How can you in detail and by documentation verify this in facts?

This is a very interesting and important subject that also pushes us a supplier to always in the best possible way secure our sources in the production chain. Together we can hopefully make it easier for the customers to understand the information.