Fashion wear manufacturer in China

Fashion wear manufacturer in China since 1992

We at TPC Textile have many years of experience in clothing manufacturing. We´ve been in the fashion clothing industry since 1992 and have the knowledge of making really high quality clothing.

If you are looking for a clothing manufacturer in China and want the highest quality you can get, we at TPC are the best to work with. Let us tell you why.

At TPC we work directly with our fabric suppliers and we can together with our clients find the best fabric for your clothes. What performance your fabric requires and together we can also work out what desires you have with your clothing manufacturer and brand.

We make samples that we ship to you for approval.

We can help you to develop the latest outerwear styles, fabrics, trims and details, which keeps your brand in the front row of the Fashion outerwear market. This together with the high quality makes us your best manufacturing choice for your clothing brand.

If you have nominated fabric suppliers, we can work directly with them in the way you prefer to ensure your style. So that the result comes out exactly as the design you developed.

Fashion outerwear clothing manufacturers in China with high quality

We at TPC Textile are a whole supplier company without middle hand suppliers.

Because we control the whole process we can ensure you have high quality in the garments and a clothing line with your preference. Our staff follow the whole production, from sample making to the shipping out process.

We have our own quality control system throughout the whole production process here in the garment factory in China, to make you more secure. We even do the shipping out and handle all the documents. Let us help you with your apparel manufacturer and help your clothing business grow.

Made in China by skilled people

If you want skilled people with many years of clothing making, you have come to the right garment manufacturer. We have our own offices in China and ensure that your brand is in good skilled hands. We’ll send you samples of your fashion jacket before we manufacture your products. Everything needs to be cleared by you before textile production in the factory.

We are with you the whole way

We at TPC Textile are with you the whole way. From deciding what garments and trims you want for your clothing line and developing, to samples. We offer you support from our TPC technicians, pattern team and sample room.

The fabrics and garments go through both physical, chemical and wash tests to ensure good and environmentally friendly products before manufacturing.

After the production of the collection, we will help you hand over the goods to your shipper and prepare all the necessary documents. Throughout the production, you will be supported by our highly competent and professional team in Nanjing, Ningbo and Stockholm.


If you need quilted jackets, vests, dressed coats, puffy styles with down or polyester padding, light summer jackets or any other fashion outwear, you have come to the right partner. We can help our clients with all of this.

Today fashion outerwear apparel often needs to be functional as well as good looking. Users expect to be able to look good when it rains as well as in snowy cold weather.

We help you with which apparel needs seam tape, how to wind secure your zipper or the best way to keep inside pockets dry, without disturbing your brand’s design and recognition.

Your clothing manufacturer in China

We at TPC Textile make all kinds of clothing from t-shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts, jackets and much much more from China to you. Contact us for more information. We manufacture fashion apparel for women’s clothing, mens clothing and kids clothing.

We are a Swedish company with offices in Sweden and China and we manufacture quality clothing for brands in Scandinavia, North America and Europe. With us as a manufacturer you get a clothing manufacturer who cares a great deal about our nature. The quality of the clothing and how environmentally friendly it is, is very important to us as a manufacturer of clothing.

Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding minimum order quantity, wholesale clothing, what countries we ship to and more.

Focus on the environment and sustainability

We care about our world and are always trying to think green.

We at TPC have a great focus on sustainability and arrange more and more recycled materials in our clothing factories here in China.

We have well-established processes for testing and verification.

We use the OEKO-TEX standard 100 which is an independent certification system for all types of textiles.

A clothing manufacturer that works with you

From a number of sketches on your desk to reality, let us help you with making your sketches come to life. We can help you with the top garments, fabrics and trims to make your clothing vision into reality.

We are a clothing manufacturer for you who understands how important quality is and can help you with questions regarding the design of the clothing. Not everybody understands the importance of clothing quality and how flawless it needs to be executed to make your business live up to a good reputation.

We are a garment manufacturer that cares about our customers and wants them to be successful.

A manufacturer focused on you

  • Time is money – so we always try to have a fast response to your questions.
  • Easy communication – our staff speaks English for smooth communication.
  • Inventive – we come up with the top solution for you and your business.
  • Devoted to you – a clothing manufacturer that values your brand and product.
  • Skilled and organized – we do everything in our power to keep the planning and delivery schedule.
  • Latest trends – we always stay up to date with the latest trends for you.
  • Tests – we are a clothing manufacturer that performs tests and documents them on your behalf. We are your full service partner.
  • Experienced – we are a clothing manufacturer who has a great experience in the market of fashion outerwear apparel and have operated for many years from China.
  • We make all kinds of fashion outerwear apparel for women’s fashion, men’s fashion and kids fashion.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will help you. We have offices both in China and Sweden. No question is too small or too big. We are here for you.

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