Our Clients

Our clients expect and value that we provide client confidentiality

We treat all our clients with utmost confidentiality and respect in our understanding of the fashion industry. 

Our clients are leading and prominent brands within fashion, kidswear, sportswear and workwear, based in Scandinavia, Europe and North America and we’re continually expanding our capacity and client base. 

When you do business with us, your business, brand, designs and collections are in safe hands and non-disclosure is part of our agreement.

We do, however, provide complete transparency when it comes to our own business operations and with which producers we work.

Our producers are, in their turn, also transparent providing us with insight into their operations so that we can ensure that quality is infused in every step of the way: product sourcing, materials, work standards, work ethics, working terms, sustainability, health, safety and production.

Integrity, respect, quality and loyalty has proven to be our winning formula for longevity and success since the early 90’s and the reason our clients both choose us, and stay with us.

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