Sportswear manufacturer in China

Sportswear manufacturer since 1992

TPC, a well established and respected sportswear manufacturer in China who is well renowned in the industry and the natural choice of professional manufacturer when choosing amongst active wear garments and sportswear manufacturers in China. Our sportswear products are among the most versatile when it comes to sports and fitness.

Our company, based in China and Sweden, is a professional manufacturer of sportswear and we’ve been in the industry of sports outerwear, sports apparel and active wear since the 90’s. Thus we have complete sportswear experience in this field.

Intelligent sportswear

No matter if you’re into running, skiing, ice hockey, horse riding, golf, hiking, gym or any other sports, TPC can handle the production of high quality sportswear for both your technical outdoor styles like high functional jackets, coated or laminated with seam seal tape as well as your more light knitted tops or bottoms.

As a sportswear manufacturer (one of our many main products) in China we work with sportswear made of all kinds of fabrics and styles suitable for all sports and activities.  The main focus must always be the purpose with your styles; this is the way to reach what your clients need.

Manufacturer and supplier

We are a manufacturer / clothing supplier with our offices in close contact and cooperation with many factories in China where the production takes place. TPC are suppliers and manufacturers of quality clothing products; apparel for fitness, activewear and workout apparel for distribution through our clients channels throughout the world.

Our quality clothes and products are functional and comfortable, custom manufactured with the latest technology based on the custom design our clients provide. We’re proud to be suppliers to brands sportswear in Europe and the rest of the world.

Quality and performance -what you need is what you get

For running and hiking you may want to have wind and waterproof fabrics in order to keep warm yet at the same time be comfortable which is accomplished with stretch fabric.

When skiing; you keep your knees and legs bent which is why it’s important to reach a totally different angel with the pants and sleeves compared to if you make a casual pant or jacket. The hood must also be large enough to cover the helmet.

For golf and horse riding; silence is often crucial when it comes to choosing fabrics as well as laminations. Outerwear for horse riding must allow for the rider to wear a protection vest underneath which requires different measurements compared to other outerwear.

To keep dry and warm during winter it’s better to use and wear several layers of clothing which enables the wearer to adjust as needed. We can help you with all these layers; from the lightest close to body top and pants to second layer fleece or a heavier pile. And always remember the details; an extra-long, warming cuff with a thumbhole can make all the difference and be the deciding factor why consumers buy your style and design instead of somebody else’s.

The manufacturing process

The process is simple when it comes to working with us at TPC: An initial contact with our company is established, then we obtain our customers own custom clothing design, then over to our production and manufacturing of quality clothing; activewear products. Do you have your own brand? Please feel free to contact us and let us talk through the process.

With our well established experience we can guide you through the latest technical fabrics, product and style solutions for best performance within the categories associated with clothes for outdoor sporting activities.

We are here to make your garments and accessories for fitness and sports activities as attractive as possible to consumers with excellent garment performance qualities increasing the wearer’s quality performance. That is good business for our clients.

Sportswear  manufacturer with focus on you

  • Time is money – so we always try to have a fast response to your questions.
  • Easy communication – our staff speaks English for smooth communication.
  • Inventive – we come up with the top solution for you and your business.
  • Devoted to you – a sportswear manufacturer that values your brand and product.
  • Skilled and organized – we do everything in our power to keep the planning and delivery schedule.
  • Latest trends – we always stay up to date with the latest trends for you.
  • Tests – we are a sportswear manufacturer that performs tests and documents them on your behalf. We are your full service partner.
  • Experienced – we are a sports wear manufacturer who has great experience in the market of fashion outerwear apparel and have operated for many years from China.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our sportswear manufacturing, please feel free to contact us and we will help you. We have offices both in China and Sweden. No question is too small or too big. We are here for you.

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