Workwear manufacturer in China

Workwear manufacturer in China since 1992

TPC has the experience in manufacturing high quality garments for work and protective clothing. From our offices we take care of workwear first and second layers as well as pants and outerwear.

Quality clothes by quality manufacturer and supplier

Quality clothes that deliver quality experience. Bib pants, work wear, all products made of the right fabric best suited for either that jacket or other clothing that a trusted manufacturer and supplier can deliver.

Workwear characteristics

Workwear is an area which cover everything from cotton T-shirts to technical HiVis (high visibility)outdoor styles. Different working areas with their different functional demands.

For some, a stretch fabric on the back of pants can be the most important, for others a warm winter jacket with reflective parts is what makes all the difference. Knee pockets that provide space for knee pads, special pockets for equipment, extra long sleeves to cover hands to keep them warm are just some examples of the difference the right clothes can make. Maybe a classic pile style needs to be more up to date by adding a durable and waterproof fabric on shoulders is the best way to help the wearer stay warm and dry.

Sometimes it’s not the function which is most important, rather it can be that all fabrics and trims used are to be recycled and certified. With our many years of experience we are able to help you from choosing the right colours to the correct level of water pressure the style you’ve designed is able to withstand.

The right workwear

The right kind of workwear is imperative for both the wearer and the company investing in these specialty garments. For safety wear, please see further down on this page regarding “Workwear and Safety”.

Workwear, apart from being handy in many respects for employees, are also a form of branding for the company and works as a tool for visual communication. The clothes for work are in effect uniforms that assist employees to highlight themselves and the company, to stand out in a crowd so to speak. It is also builds up the professional corporate image. As workwear manufacturers with well established offices in China, we are a qualified producer and supplier of work wear.

We produce high quality clothing and protective clothing from clients design. We have the required experience in this field and the know-how to create visibility workwear with the corporate colours, logos, symbols and designs – all messages connected to the business. For sectors where employees are in direct contact with customers, the choice and styling of the garments that are to function as workwear are imperative to get right. That is where our expertise comes plays a major role.

We know that workwear creates both pride of workplace, giving the wearer motivation and connection with the company and the work environment. Summing it up, workwear as uniforms gives wearers a sense of belonging, affecting the work day in a positive way.

What is workwear?

Workwear is a form of clothing, worn in many work places and companies around the world. These products are worn during work in all forms of environments and branches. It may be industrial in perhaps production lines or mechanical workshops or where workwear is required in order to carry out the work.

Among our main products of clothing manufacturing, the production of high quality professional clothing for work, is done in China, the Middle east.

To categorize the area of workwear, these clothes can generally be classified as safety footwear, clothing (vests, trousers, T-shirts, jackets, etc.), gloves and masks.

We at TPC can produce the pants and jacket you envisage and need, clothes that are important for functioning in respect to the demand that are place upon them.

Workwear and safety

Safety clothing are designed for the intention to keep the wearer safe from dangers and risks whilst working. Safety workwear is ll around us. On the building sites you’ll find them along with hard hats, safety shoes and gloves. At schools you’ll find them in form of high visibility jackets worn by the crossing supervisors.

Work wear with safety measures is a fundamental part of the working life, especially in those professions where a working environment is fraught with potential dangers. Our work wear garments are products that take into account many factors to ascertain optimal comfort. From a jacket with the right quality to pants that have the right fabric and design, from our factory to your stores, we create products from your design with the main focus on longevity and comfort.

How did you find us?

We know there are many companies who manufacture clothing. Their products may well be good, but can you risk investing with them, not knowing if the end result is of the quality and standard you expect? You try and find the right producer in search engines and most likely tried with search words such as garment co ltd, garments co ltd, clothing, workwear, factory, manufacturers, products, safety workwear, and garment and so on and so forth.

We are working very hard for new clients in ascertaining they can find us with ease while searching for a quality work wear manufacturer online. We know we can deliver what new clients are searching for. Our existing clients know where we are and continue in working with us. We welcome you to the TPC experience, we know you’ll be pleased.

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If you have any questions about our workwear manufacturing, please feel free to contact us and we will help you. We have offices both in China and Sweden. No question is too small or too big. We are here for you.

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