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One company, two countries, three offices


In our opinion you get the best team when you can mix skills, personalities, ages, experiences, competences, origin and gender. That is why we are so very happy and proud of our TPC Team! It is exactly this group and mix of people that makes TPC what it is.

At TPC Textile we are today a total of 55 persons in Nanjing, Ningbo and Stockholm, and we are all as important. In Stockholm we have our Sales office and in the Nanjing and Ningbo office you find our merchandisers, fabric & garment QC´s, pattern makers, technicians, sample room colleagues, logistics and more who every day handle all details around the productions we run for our clients.

Some of you have already met some of us, but do take the opportunity to meet us all further down on this page or why not visit our offices in person? You are always welcome!

TPC Team

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