Probably have many of you in one way or another noticed that the AW17 productions met some difficulties. Reasons can of course be very specific but there are some general matters which affected all of us why we here wil try to give you an idea of today´s general situation in China.

China´s Government has stated a very strict environment plan for the coming years which of course is very positive for all of us. One part of plan is that China’s central government has organized groups of inspection teams to review local government environmental protection work. Actually the 2nd inspection team just finished their inspection in Zhejiang province (TPC Ningbo Office located) from 11st Aug. to 11st Sept. 2017 and next step is Jiangsu Province (TPC Nanjing office located).

This is all due to  China’s  “Blue Sky” plan. All factories, including the dye houses and weaving factories will be required to energy conservation and emission reduction or even stop. The inspections are much more serious than before and will in future be arranged very often. Every inspection is un-noticed and the factory has to close down all the time during inspection takes part.

Being the most important centers of Textile products in China, the dye houses in Jiangsu province (Nanjing ,Suzhou are in this area) and Zhejiang province are influenced. It is reported that about 1000 dye houses and weaving factories have been closed down, about 400 partially closed and above that have government stopped electric power for nearly 6000 factories for adjusting their equipment’s.

Although TPC cooperated fabric mills and trim suppliers are qualified, they’re facing lots of unexpected orders from other clients due to the shut-down of many unqualified fabric mills.

TPC has very long term relations with all our suppliers and dye houses and we feel that they all do their best to always support us in best ways they can. Still many points are out of both ours and our suppliers control. Let´s therefore work together well in time for AW18 production, to see what we all can do to improve the situation. For example finding ways of placing early orders is definitely one point which can help a lot for both fabrics- and cut/sew lead times.

And don´t forget it´s all to improve the environment!