Office plan during the Chinese New Year

TPC Ningbo office will be closed Jan 23 – Feb 2 2020, resume for work on Feb 3.
Fabric mills: Jan 10 – Feb 10 2020.
Garment factories: Jan 15 – Feb 10 2020.

TPC Nanjing office will be closed Jan 23 – Feb 2 2020, resume for work on Feb 3.
Fabric mills: Jan 10 – Feb 10 2020.
Garment factories: Jan 15 – Feb 10 2020.

Together we can create a better world for all children

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There are those who believe it is impossible to change the world. UNICEF knows how it works and how to do it. All over the world, they fight in government corridors, slums, refugee camps and remote villages to ensure that all children have the childhood they are entitled to. Every day, they help millions of children survive and develop. Babies are vaccinated against deadly diseases. More and more girls are allowed to attend school. Child soldiers are freed and families reunite after disasters. UNICEF does not receive any financial support from the UN, their work is financed exclusively by voluntary contributions from individuals and companies. Therefore, this Christmas too, we are donating money to UNICEF’S important work for children’s rights.
We wish you and every child around the world a very Merry Christmas!


Responsibility in marketing sustainable products

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We are very proud and happy about the fact that we arrange more and more of recycled, or in other ways, sustainable fabrics and trims for our clients. Yesterday we attended a very interesting seminar about how brands and companies in general must take act and be responsible in how they communicate sustainable products to their customers. The seminar was held by Swedish Konsumentverket (The Swedish Consumer Agency) and their legal experts presented facts, examples and advices. This turned out to be an area that is not very easy to navigate in and there are no exact regulations to follow, but two major advises were given at the seminar:

* Be very clear about what you refer to when you talk about sustainability. Is it your company, your product, your product´s fabric or what?
* How can you in detail and by documentation verify this in facts?

This is a very interesting and important subject that also pushes us a supplier to always in the best possible way secure our sources in the production chain. Together we can hopefully make it easier for the customers to understand the information.


Our great international TPC Team!

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In our opinion you get the best team when you can mix skills, personalities, ages, experiences, competences, origin and gender. That is why we are so very happy and proud of our TPC Team! It is exactly this group and mix of people that makes TPC what it is.

At TPC Textile we are today a total of 55 persons in Nanjing, Ningbo and Stockholm, and we are all as important. In Stockholm we have our Sales office and in the Nanjing and Ningbo office you find our merchandisers, fabric & garment QC´s, pattern makers, technicians, sample room colleagues, logistics and more who every day handle all details around the productions we run for our clients.

Some of you have met some of us, but take the opportunity to meet us all at /tpc-team/ or why not visit our offices in person? You are always welcome!

TPC Shortlist

We care about you as our customer and the quality of our deliveries. To make it all clear we´ve summerized it in the “TPC shortlist”. Click the picture below to see our services or call us for an update.